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Dreadfully Sorry Ganny by bassooniac Dreadfully Sorry Ganny by bassooniac
I got bored and just drew this out. Well, I wrote the dialogue out first.

As for the references to the farmer in Northern ontario and Billdorf the pig.... Some guy in Northern Ontario or somewhere in Ontario went to feed his pigs and then nobody saw him again until someone went out to the pig pen. All that was left of him was his boots. He fell or something and was knocked out and the pigs ate him. As for Billdorf, I decided to call one of my files in the Wind Waker, Billdorf, and there is one family on Outset Island who calls their pig the same name as Link. There is also a story behind the name Billdorf. And today while playing that file I though it would be easier to get the big pig up the hill by hitting him with the sword instead of carrying him. Well, he smashed poor Billdorf(Link) while he was trying to get past those trees that lead to the mountain trail.

Ganondorf, Zelda, Wind Waker © Nintendo
The rest is © :iconbassooniac:
feverwreck Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2006
Hee hee, cute! You did a sweet job on this!

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